What Do You Remember About Back To School?

It’s back to school time! Whether you've got kids or not, you likely have plenty of your own back to school stories. Do any of these first day of school memories ring true for you?

By: Amanda Cargill / 08/20/2019

Back to School Food Memories

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Back to School is a big deal. If you have kids, you know this because you’ve spent the last week frantically shopping for school supplies, filling out forms, and organizing carpools. If you don’t have kids, you know this because the back to school ads on TV make you think of your childhood and smile.

For both of these reasons, we asked our staff their favorite back to school memories. Here’s what they had to say.

Back to School Memories

“I probably shouldn't confess this, working for a company that celebrates cooking—but in a case of dubious incentives: my mom would get fast food and drop it off at the school if I forgot my lunch. The joy of a Whopper in the school room cafeteria.” - Anna Lau, MD Marketing US

“In elementary school I had the same lunch pretty much every day: a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich with the crust of the bread taken off. I now usually keep the crust on, but sometimes I’ll take it off just to relive my childhood days.” - Robby Lefkowitz, Logistics Coordinator - Supply Chain Management US

“It was always crucial in grade school to show up with the coolest notebooks and the coolest pens. Couldn't leave out the Lisa Frank fuzzy notebooks!” - Kristin O’Laughlin, Junior Financial Analyst (FP&A)

“My Donnie & Marie lunchbox was everything! It was white with blue trim and had the pair’s faces emblazoned one on each side. I was heartbroken when it got its first scratch on the second day of second grade.” - Amanda Cargill, US Content Manager

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