Miranda Lambert On Telling Stories Through Food

Miranda Lambert On Telling Stories Through Food

December 4, 2023

Our favorite Country music star, Miranda Lambert has debuted her first cookbook, Y’all Eat Yet?, a collection of family memories and lip-smacking-good recipes inspired by the fabulous women in her life. 

We got to dish with Miranda on her new book, telling stories through food, and some of her favorite unfussy meals. Read the interview below! 

Miranda Lambert On Telling Stories Through Food

Your book is full of incredible stories. How did you land on writing a cookbook and telling those stories through food?

It all happened during COVID. Me, my mom, and our friends were exchanging crazy texts to entertain ourselves with different cooking challenges. Every week, our husbands would each pick an ingredient and we’d all have to come up with a dish using those ingredients. The ladies in this text group basically raised me, so cooking and food has always been a big part of our friendship over the years. As we were doing the cooking challenges, we came up with the idea of making a little Shutterfly book with some of our favorite recipes. That idea grew into something bigger, and three years later we had a full cookbook with Y’all Eat Yet?. 


Are there any specific recipes that best represent what you want to share with the readers of Y’all Eat Yet?

My mom’s meatloaf is my favorite recipe in the book, but more than anything, I want people to take away that it’s ok to be imperfect. All of the recipes are simple. The most important part is making time for creating memories with family and friends.


Here at Dinnerly, we’re all about making unfussy meals so cooking at home is as yummy as it is FUN. Y’all Eat Yet? is full of recipes just like that. What does making an “unfussy” recipe mean to you?

“Unfussy” to me is about doing what you can with what you have. Food doesn’t have to be fancy for you to have a good time! It’s more about who you’re enjoying the meal with. 


What piece of advice from the Ya-Ya’s has guided you the most in, and outside of the kitchen?

My mom told me early on to, “Be who you are and stick with it.” That advice has helped me through a 20 year career in the music business. I always follow my gut. 


What’s your favorite go-to recipe to whip up on a weeknight?

Being a Texan, we always joke that salsa is a fifth condiment, and my mom has a great Garden Salsa recipe in the book. Vicki’s Deviled Eggs are also a great quick appetizer to whip up when guests are coming over. We have a garden at my farm, so our go-tos change based on what’s in season when we’re home!


The holidays are right around the corner. Is there a special kitchen tradition you and your family share this time of year? 

Holidays are our Super Bowl! We love a reason to celebrate. We started making the Trisha Yearwood Turkey for Thanksgiving after I found it in a Country Weekly magazine. It turned out to be the easiest, most fool-proof thing, so we still make it every year. It was an honor that Trisha said yes when we asked if we could include the Turkey recipe in Y’all Eat Yet?

Here’s a playlist of songs to enjoy while you’re cooking for the holidays! 


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