5 Tasty 20-Minute Vegetarian Recipes

Strict vegetarian or just vegetarian-curious, we've got something for you to try with these 5 crowd-pleasing veggie recipes.

By: Dinnerly / 03/28/2019

1. Ultra Creamy Mac & Cheese with Peas

Mac and cheese that's creamy, yummy, and easy enough to make on a busy Monday night sounds impossible, but we're DOING IT (and living for the leftovers). Shredded cheese and cream cheese makes for a dynamite sauce. Soft sweet onions and green peas take it to the next level. We've got you covered!

2. Sheet Pan Kale & Potato Hash with Eggs & Cheese

This recipe makes not one, but TWO dreams come true: it's breakfast for dinner AND a one-pan-wonder because it's built on the sheet pan from start to finish. Timing is everything: first roast the vegetables that take the longest (potatoes & onions), then add kale, then eggs at the very end. Preheating the baking sheet helps make the potatoes extra crispy when it's time to start cooking! We've got you covered!

3. Roasted Red Pepper Panini with Fontina & Spinach

Panini is a toasted, pressed sandwich. And there's nothing we enjoy more than when a dish feels and tastes special, but with very little extra effort. One way to get there is by using time saving ingredients that bring the fancy factor - like roasted red peppers and brioche buns. Plus, you can pretend you roasted and baked them yourself—we won't tell anyone! We've got you covered!

4. Skillet Margherita Pizza with Italian Green Salad

In a pizza parlor, they toss and twirl and stretch and knead the dough as if the dough is an extension of themselves. It's kind of hypnotizing. We sure can't do that. And we're guessing, unless you're a master pizzaiolo, that you can't either. We also don't have a brick oven. And we're guessing that you might not either. So here's a pizza margherita that requires no expertise or special equipment. We've got you covered!

5. Tomato & Red Pepper Shakshuka with Garlic Ciabatta

Shakshuka is a mouthful. A delicious mouthful! This tomato-based stewed dish is popular in North African cuisine. And now it's gonna be popular in your house, too. The eggs cook in the sauce, coddled by the flavors of roasted red pepper, onions, tomatoes, harissa spice, and cilantro to make for perfectly runny centers that ooze into the sauce when you dive in with the crusty ciabatta. We've got you covered!

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