Takeout Take Down: Tips for Making Easy Weeknight Meals

Tired of waiting around for your nightly food delivery? Take back dinnertime with a little help from Dinnerly. Here's how.

By: Abeni Tinubu / 01/30/2019

Work is a never-ending slew of emails. Your commute home is practically endless. When you finally get there, no one can seem to agree on dinner. Defeated (and hungry), you give in and order takeout for the third time this week. Sound familiar?

Not this year! 2019 is all about the new and improved you, and that includes taking back dinnertime with a little help from Dinnerly. Be prepared to give Seamless the run around, because Dinnerly is chock full of alternatives to take-out. We are sharing some of our favorites, with all of the treat yo’self flavor, still delivered to your door, but with no need to tip!

D78 hero1

Tuesday or not, we all can all appreciate a good taco. These Moo Shu Turkey Tacos with Hoisin Sauce are the the perfect fusion masterpieces to leave Chipotle in the dust. Taking reference from a Chinese recipe, traditionally made with pork, we’re giving turkey the Moo Shu treatment by tossing it with scallions, eggs, and seasonings and rolling it all up in warm flour tortillas for the taco finish it deserves.

D205 1

Let’s face it, we can never decide between pizza and burgers and honestly, we shouldn’t have to! That’s why our culinary team cooked up our Pizza Burger & Oven Fries with Tomato Dipping Sauce. Served with gooey fontina cheese and a robust tomato sauce, this burger brings you the best of both worlds.

D158 2

Get geeked about Greek with our Grass-Fed Beef Gyro Pita with Romaine Salad & Garlic Sauce. This dish instantly transports you to a Greek taverna where you can practically feel the mist of the Mediterranean on your skin. Lemon zest and garlic bring grass-fed ground beef to life, while crispy romaine and cucumbers deliver on a much needed crunch. All topped on warm pita for a better wrap than even Jay-Z can deliver.

D125 Hero 1

Get ready to chow down on this spin on a Cantonese classic. Fun is a requirement with our Stir-Fried Turkey Chow Fun with Snow Peas & Chili Oil. Snow peas, teriyaki sauce, and a touch of sugar gives this dish its mellow flavoring, but free free to turn up the heat with as much chilli paste as your little heart desires.

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