Why Do We Have Favorite Foods?

Everyone’s got a favorite summer food. Why? Because of memories; things like your dad at the grill and running for the ice cream truck like a snow cone-crazed lunatic. Here are our staff's favorites. What are yours?

By: Amanda Cargill / 07/23/2019

Photo by Rod Long at Unsplash

“Summer for me was—and still is!—the only time we got to eat fresh peaches. When they were perfectly ripe, with just a little give, you had to eat them leaning over the sink. They'd still drip down your chin and get all over your hands but it was always worth it.” - Jennifer Aaronson, Culinary Director

“When I was a kid, my dad cooked up burgers, hot dogs and chicken on the grill on hot summer days. We washed them down with ice cold pink lemonade. This was always after playing a baseball game, and it was always a great time with my family and friends.” - Robby Lefkowitz, Logistics Coordinator - Supply Chain Management

“When I think about Summer, I think tomatoes. Every year, we would drive into the Adelaide Hills in search of the juiciest looking specimens. Five to six crates were purchased and early next morning the ritual of “sauce making” would begin before sunrise to avoid the heat of the day. My chosen job would always be filling the bottles as I liked the smell of the basil and the challenge of guessing just the right amount of puree to ladle into my funnel so that the bottle would not overflow. It was hard labor, but after the last bottle was capped we all sat down to homemade pasta topped with fresh tomato sauce as a reward.” - Jo Ferro, Senior PR and Partnerships Manager

"There are two things I could eat infinite amounts of—one is strawberries. On a beach trip when I was a kid, my parents stopped at a roadside to pick up fresh berries for the entire week of an extended family vacation. They left me alone with the five pounds of berries when we arrived at the beach house. A few hours later the strawberries were “no mas,” and I was in a lot of trouble because everyone had been hoping to enjoy the strawberries. From then on I earned the title 'Strawberry Snatcher.' So watch out." - Audrey Fisher, Head of Finance

“One summer we went to the California valley to pick fruit. I remember huge fuzzy peaches, yielding to the gentlest touch, oozing sticky juices if you broke the skin. It was so hot, even my grandfather took a cold shower. A cold shower! This was grandpa who always told me to put on another sweater regardless of temperature.” - Anna Lau, MD Marketing

“My family used to kick off summer by going to a strawberry field and filling straw baskets to the rim with as many ripe strawberries as possible. My mom would use our findings to make yummy treats like jam and strawberry shortcakes. The house would smell delightfully sweet for the rest of the week!” - Renee Fisher, PR and Marketing Associate

“The best thing about surviving the triple digit summer heat is running as fast as you can into the ocean and never coming out, unless for some of Rita's Ice cream. Nothing quite like it!” - Kristin O’Laughlin, Junior Financial Analyst (FP&A)

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