Dinnerly & Joseph Abboud Deliver Food to Health Care Workers

This week, Dinnerly coordinated with menswear fashion label Joseph Abboud to deliver 2,000 meals to frontline health care heroes, including nurses, physicians, and EVS workers, at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJ). The recipients serve the New Brunswick, New Jersey region, which has been among the hardest hit by COVID-19.

By: Amanda Cargill / 05/07/2020

It was an early start to a big day. Culinary staff from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital load Dinnerly meal kits off the truck outside the hospital.

Hospital culinary staff load Dinnerly meal kit boxes onto a truck photo by Michael Simon

Jacqueline Long, RWJ rehab services secretary, sets up the meal kits in preparation for distribution to nurses, doctors, and EVS workers as they finish their shifts and head home.

A hospital worker in mask and scrubs sets up piles of Dinnerly meal kits on a dolly. photo by Ben Rosser and Drew Levin

Health care heroes line up to receive their well-deserved meal kits as distribution begins.

Two health care workers in face masks receive Dinnerly meal kits from hospital staff. photo by Ben Rosser and Drew Levin

Hero suits you. A perfectly-stated tagline from Joseph Abboud, the menswear fashion label that initiated the donation, summarizes what the world feels.

Hospital health care worker wearing mask and ppe receives food meal kit box as other nurses and doctors stand in line. photo by Ben Rosser and Drew Levin

A sign hanging above the hospital entrance that reads "Heroes work here" says it all.

A nurse holds Dinnerly meal kit as others line up to receive theirs. photo by Ben Rosser and Drew Levin

According to John J. Gantner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, the hospital staff is "working around the clock to respond to this unprecedented pandemic." He says that the community's expressions of gratitude "let our team know their efforts are appreciated and inspire them to continue their fight against COVID-19."

Woman with glasses receives a meal kit from a hospital staff member.
photo by Ben Rosser and Drew Levin

At the end of the day, it was smiles all around. You can't see them because they're behind the masks, but the goodwill and gratitude were palpable. Thank you health care heroes, from all of us at Dinnerly and Joseph Abboud!

Two health care workers in ppe stand in front of a stack of dinnerly meal kits and hold their own boxed meal kits. photo by Ben Rosser and Drew Levin

For more information on Joseph Abboud and the COVID-19 initiative, please visit www.josephabboud.com.

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