Here's How Dinnerly Supports Team & Community In Pandemic

Our Founder & CEO, Fabian Siegel, shares the steps Dinnerly is taking to support our team, our friends and neighbors, and our community of home cooks.

By: Dinnerly / 04/04/2020

While Coronavirus has changed the way all of us currently live our lives, some have been more gravely affected than others. It’s why we’ve launched a series of initiatives aimed at helping to navigate these uncertain times.


Having been deemed an “essential service” business, we are acutely aware of our obligation not only to our customers, but also to our team of dedicated fulfillment center employees working to ensure that every member of our Dinnerly community continues receiving their meals each week. To ensure their health and well-being, we have canceled non-essential meetings; implemented daily health checks and surveys; added social distancing indicators to high-traffic areas; and reinforced our stringent sanitation and hygiene practices.

Additionally, all staff have been advised that, if they feel at all unwell, they will receive full paid sick leave for the duration of their time off. We did this both to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, and to alleviate the financial fear of losing income due to illness. For those who are healthy and able to continue working, we’ve instituted bonuses; opened our pantry so that excess produce can be taken home and shared with family and friends; and reduced wait periods for all new employees so they receive our “free boxes for all employees” benefit within two weeks of hire. While these steps will not alleviate all financial burdens, we believe that every little bit can help.


If you’ve placed more than two orders with us, you’ve also likely read on our website or in one of our emails that you can now refer 10 friends to receive a first box for free. That number used to be three. We increased it because we suspect that you, like all of us, are close to someone—a colleague, a neighbor, a family member—who has lost a job and/or seen their personal circumstances negatively impacted due to Coronavirus. A free meal kit will not change this, we know. But we also know that food is not a luxury, and everyone, no matter their circumstances, should have access to it.


As food providers, we are experiencing a surge in demand for our meal kits. Due to this increase, we are hiring more full-time staff, which we hope will provide much-needed jobs to displaced workers living near our three fulfillment centers. (If you know someone seeking temporary or long-term employment, please direct them to our careers page.) It is a social responsibility and a privilege to aid those whose lives have been impacted by job loss, and to continue to support communities across the U.S. who rely on our deliveries.

Now more than ever, I am grateful for the Dinnerly meals I receive and cook with my family every week and the dedicated people who make that possible. These measures will neither adequately thank them nor solve all of the challenges we, as a society, are facing. But it’s my personal belief that small steps can have a big impact.

Thank you for your support in these endeavors. Your membership in our community is greatly appreciated.

Fabian Siegel, Founder & CEO

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